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Professional Bottom 🍑

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”

Alan Watts


Dilys Pronunciation Dill-iz | Welsh Genuine, Perfect, True | Dilly English Delightful | Dil Indian, Muslim, Sikh Heart | Dilan Irish Loyal, like a Lion | Turkish, Kurdish Love | Scottish Trouble

I’m UK born and educated, originally a shy bairn from the North East of England. My Geordie roots sadly often go unnoticed, until I say words with a double O like ‘book’. I grew up in a humble household jam-packed full of too many bodies but also lots of love and attention. As a child I was fascinated by tales of corporal punishment. I couldn’t believe that my Dad and uncles had been such naughty boys that they were belted. And my Nan often reminisced of the days she had to chase them round the house with her slipper, to smack them on the bare bottom! The thought horrified me. I must have been a very good girl.

Little more about me…
I’m friendly, articulate and incredibly kinky. I’m a people person and do my best to put others at ease, whilst I really enjoy getting into the head-space of the character I’m role-playing. Spanking is my biggest fetish, but I also love rope, sensual play and various types of power exchange, impact play and humiliation.

Currently nesting in the Highlands of bonnie Scotland. I’m rather creative and adventurous outside of kink too and love books, art and travel. I’m a free spirit and when able to I’m often elsewhere in the world. I’ve always been an animal lover and I do my best to inspire green living.

I’m a foolish romantic and love watching old movies and listening to Etta James, Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra, Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday. I especially love feeding into my 1950s fantasies with light-hearted, comedic but heavy handed spanking scenes. That said, the idea of having real fear put into me and creating some heavier, scarier subby scenes on film also appeals to my thrill-seeking darker side! It took a long time for me to feel brave enough to embrace my kinky side (so many personal battles between my feminist ideals and erotic desires), but now I’m out and proud and if I can spread some joy and earn whilst doing what I love – even better!

Paid Services I offer:

Spanking model

Custom Photo Shoots

Sessions with Pro Dommes/Doms

Custom Films

Kink Secretary/Clip Editor

Agony Aunt Advice

More pages coming to website soon 🙂

Latest Blog posts..

‘Tis the season to be spanked!

‘Tis the season to be spanked! Jolly little update mentioning some highlights from 2020, including exploring my toppy side as Miss Honeysuckle. Plus an attempt to redefine Snowflakes 🙂

3 differen female spankos in good girl white knickers, in different positions.

Do all Kinksters think the same?

Jillian Keenan’s latest videos sparked a LOT of questions  in my close kinky circles. Unlike a lot of Spanking fetishists, I’m not sure I’d agree spanking is my sexual orientation, at least not primarily. I am kink-orientated though … Would love to hear from others on this one!

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