Brave New Blog

‘I love how brave you are’. I hear this a lot. Brave or stupid!? I’m not so sure. I have been thinking about building a website for a while, and with social distancing looking like it’s the new normal for a bit, I figured now might be a nice time to try a blog too.

I wouldn’t call myself a writer so I can’t promise anything special. But I do love reading. Especially about other people’s kinky adventures. I have certainly had some wild experiences of my own and sharing is caring right!? So I’m seeing this as a little experiment and hoping a few of you might enjoy my mischievous musings.

As well as sharing some of my spontaneous escapades, I hope to use this space to test out some of my wildest daydreams, as well as a platform to recommend artists and writers that I admire and find inspiring. I’m also passionate about celebrating kink with a conscience. By this I mean having the dirtiest fantasies without any of the guilt, shame or judgement that often comes attached. I imagine a kinky future full of delicious deviants of all different abilities, genders, ethnicities, classes, shapes and sizes who respect each other, have healthy boundaries, understand consent, and use no animal products or single-use plastic. SUCH a sexy vision!!

If you just want pictures of my bum, I still love you – just follow me on Twitter or Fetlife and I’ll keep it peachy 🍑

However, if you imagine a similar slutty utopia then I would love to connect with you . In a nutshell, subscribe to my blog if you desire a sneaky glimpse into the inner workings of my dirty mind along with some fabulous creative inspiration as well as eco-friendly product reviews and ideas.

And if like me, you just need a charming Irish man to persuade you to do, well, anything then as a thank you for reading this far please listen to Mr Marks wish you a lovely day and hear how he enjoys my updates, especially the naughty tings – I must be doing something right 😉

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