Writing lines at my desk. I would much rather be writing letters!

Dear Dilan …

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I will try get back to you within 2 working days.

I do have a very busy schedule so don’t be offended if I take longer! Xx

“Shy Bairns Get Nowt.”

Geordie phrase

  • Laxman needs our help!
    Dilan’s Birthday wish is to fund a 4 wheel scooter for Laxman in Nepal so he can continue his studies.
  • Do all Kinksters think the same?
    Jillian Keenan’s latest videos sparked a LOT of questions  in my close kinky circles. Unlike a lot of Spanking fetishists, I’m not sure I’d agree spanking is my sexual orientation, at least not primarily. I am kink-orientated though … Would love to hear from others on this one!
  • Brave New Blog
    ‘I love how brave you are’. I hear this a lot. Brave or stupid!? I’m not so sure. I have been thinking about building a website for a while, and with social distancing looking like it’s the new normal for a bit, I figured now might be a nice time to try a blog too. […]

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