Hire Me

Professional Bottom🍑

I’m fun-sized: 5’1, UK size 10-12, W 30, 34DD

I am warm, friendly and full of enthusiasm for kinky work. I pay close attention to detail when creating requests and always strive to maintain a positive attitude on set. I believe in open and honest communication always, and work hard to ensure mutual satisfaction.

I have had the delight of working with some gorgeous and talented female professional Dommes and know a few other working bottoms that are beautiful inside and out if you want to plan something a little bigger. I love making new connections, so feel free to introduce me to your own recommended Kinksters too.

Spanking Model

I’m a spankee at heart and I’m comfortable with most corporal punishment and impact play. I am fine with other disciplinary methods and rituals such as writing lines, corner time, face slapped, thighs smacked, led by the ear or neck. I can take a spanking obediently with grace, or react in leg kicking discomfort/distress.

❥ Hand Spanking

❥ Caning ( Medium )

❥ Belting

❥ Strapping, Tawsing

❥ Paddling

❥ Slipper

❥ Hairbrush, Bath brush

❥ Flogging

❥ Ruler , Spoon, other domestic implements

Rope, Bondage & Sensual Play

I’m an experienced and calm Rope Bottom; able to clearly communicate to Riggers and enjoy suspension. I’m very comfortable and patient being tied by beginners in need of practise too. I’m open to other forms of bondage, restraint and sensory deprivation as long as safety measures are in place.

Whilst I usually prefer to bottom, I unleash my inner Goddess as a Sensual Top . I have no sadistic drive, but I enjoy some control with sensory play, teasing and pleasuring other pleasure seekers with different tools and techniques. My favourites (both giving/receiving):

❥ Wartenberg Wheel

❥ Wax Play

❥ Violet-wand, Electro play

❥ Blindfolds. Gags, Hoods

❥ Collars, Cuffs

❥ Stroked, Gently Flogged

❥ Hair played with/braided

Navy pinafore, over the knee white socks

Role Play / Power Play

I love-to-hate humiliation. If you are an experienced, professional Dominant looking for a natural Submissive, let’s discuss possible fruitful collaborations. Or maybe you are a fellow sub and need a partner in crime to fulfil your fantasy? Or would like to Switch and Top me too? Or you can just watch me get into trouble…

I’m naturally very playful and I really do feel like a naughty school girl when I’m in uniform! I’m keen to expand my wardrobe and repertoire. Classic ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Student /Teacher

Niece / Auntie-Uncle

Patient / Doctor

Governess/ Mistress


Catholic girl/Nun


Good cop/Bad cop

Custom Request

If your specific kink , fetish or idea is not mentioned above, or a limit of mine (see below), I may still be able to fulfil your dream scene – just ask me! Some of my best clients have very detailed fantasies that I’ve really enjoyed delivering. The worst I can say is no. I don’t bite – promise! (I might know some people who do if that’s your thing though 😉)

Contact me to ask and I’ll see what I can do to help you. From £75. I occasionally sell personal items too.

Kinky Secretary

Not quite Maggie Gyllenhaal but more efficient! If you need help with any personal admin, I have lots of transferable project management skills. I also love organising events, writing and editing and I’m a skilled recruiter. I’m currently assisting as producer on a private future spanking film and I’d love to gain more experience working on alternative creative projects. I can also do basic film editing/know people who can.

Contact me with your project to discuss. Minimum rate £15 per hour.

PLEASE READ! My Limits & Boundaries:

I use Amber (SLOW) and Red (STOP) of the traffic light system. Most of the time I don’t need to use this, but if I use the safe word RED = STOP. No negotiation, regardless of what you ‘think’ or prior conversations, immediately stop.

Just because I may be OK with certain play with some people, do not assume my consent. Limits vary per top and client and all shared scenes must be pre-negotiated.

Do not ask for any new consent mid-scene. If we haven’t pre-negotiated something, don’t ask for it. If I am in sub-space and agree to something, I may regret it later. Every sub is different but I see this as manipulation of my head space and it will not be forgiven.

No photographs/filming without my prior consent. No sharing ANY image without my direct approval first. I reserve the right to approve all footage before you can keep it or share it.

Sessions age 21+ only. ID may be required.

No smoking, drugs, or arriving heavily intoxicated for/ during sessions.

I may require a video call conversation before meeting in person for play. If you cannot manage this, do not contact me for a session.

Services I DO NOT offer:

✘ Sex, oral sex, anal play, penis play.

✘ Masturbation, JOI

✘ Water sports, water boarding , scat play

✘ Wrestling, punching, blood play

✘ Extreme breath play (passing out)

✘ Full frontal nudity

✘ Role play involving bestiality, paedophilia, racism , public indecent exposure.

✘ Verbal degradation (unless specifically pre-negotiated)

✘ Slave worship, ownership, extreme submission, mental domination

✘ Tickling, Sploshing (receiving)

✘ Giving extreme sadism (just not me! I do offer sensual domination though and can be a kind but firm disciplinarian)

✘121 private sessions. I don’t meet alone as a sub.

No touching me without permission, or anywhere I haven’t given you permission.

This list is not exhaustive. Please check with me if you are unsure on anything.

“I just watched a couple of clips with you being spanked and caned … You are rapidly becoming my favourite spanking model”

Fetlife fan

“Your sincerity really comes through @ohdeardilan

Twitter fan

“I really cannot explain how much I appreciate the pictures you sent to me. I mean they are amazing! I rarely see such perfect subjects and angles about my preferred “fetish”. I think you really “hit the spot”, the bottom is really really “peachy”, the thermometer’s holding is right, all the little pieces that put together a fetish are perfectly assembled. I mean you completely understand what I am looking for.”

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