Before any session, I will also ask about your limits and boundaries, fetishes and likes/dislikes. I take consent extremely seriously and always have a safe call prepared. I also encourage your use of the traffic light system and regardless of your role and experience this will be respected.

PLEASE READ! My Limits & Boundaries:

I use Amber (SLOW) and Red (STOP) of the traffic light system. Most of the time I don’t need to use this, but if I use the safe word RED = STOP. No negotiation, regardless of what you ‘think’ or prior conversations, immediately stop.

Just because I may be OK with certain play with some people, do not assume my consent. Limits vary per top and client and all shared scenes must be pre-negotiated.

Do not ask for any new consent mid-scene. If we haven’t pre-negotiated something, don’t ask for it. If I am in sub-space and agree to something, I may regret it later. Every sub is different but I see this as manipulation of my head space and it will not be forgiven.

No photographs/filming without my prior consent. No sharing ANY image without my direct approval first. I reserve the right to approve all footage before you can keep it or share it.

Sessions age 21+ only. ID may be required.

No arriving heavily intoxicated for sessions, I may turn you away.

I may require a video call and conversations before meeting in person for play. If you cannot manage this, do not contact me for a session.

No touching me without permission, or anywhere I haven’t given you permission.

Services I DO NOT offer:

✘ Sex, oral sex, anal play, penis play

✘ Masturbation, direct JOI

✘ Water sports, water boarding , scat play

✘ Wrestling, punching, blood play

✘ Extreme breath play (passing out)

✘ Full frontal nudity

✘ Play involving bestiality, pedophilia, racism , public indecent exposure or drug taking.

✘ Verbal degradation (unless specifically pre-negotiated)

✘ Slave worship, ownership, extreme submission, mental domination

✘ Tickling, Sploshing (receiving)

✘ Giving extreme sadism (just not me! I do offer sensual domination though and can be a kind but firm disciplinarian)

✘121 private sessions. I don’t meet alone as a sub.

This list is not exhaustive. Please check with me if you are unsure on anything.