★ Hire me for a Skype or Phone chat £50 for 45 mins

★ Hire me for Modelling (photos) from £75 an hour

★ Solo Custom Digital Photo Set (25 pics) from £100

★ Solo 5-10 minute custom digital film from £150

I strive to complete small custom requests within 2 weeks.

The grander your fantasy the grander the price tag. Specialist clothing, venues and props that I don’t already own, as well as extra models/crew add extra costs .


★ £150 up to 1 hour (my minimum)

★ £250 = 90 minutes

★ £300 = 2hours

★ HARD PLAY = £350 minimum (regardless of length)

Any more than 6 of the best with a cane I charge more for, because lasting marks affect my ability to model and it’s very physically draining/ I’m at a greater risk of sub drop. Extra costs include travel, booking dominants, or cast, crew and venue which must also be covered ahead of any planned shoot/session. For sessions exceeding 3hours, my standard rate is £50 each extra 30mins, or a flat day rate can be negotiated in advance.

Please note I don’t offer 121 private sessions as a bottom. I mostly like to work with other professionals, but will consider requests from couples.

I take payment via bank transfer (business account) or cash before the shoot/prior to a session. I may request a security deposit. If you’d like to tip me or give a tribute, I really appreciate Etsy gift cards to

COVID – 19

Due to Coronavirus restrictions it is a little difficult to plan collaborative films, but I am open to discussing requests and making flexible future plans. I am planning in-person sessions with extra care. I expect extra safety measures and consideration to be exercised – wash your hands!

I welcome video sessions, calls and solo shoots with more enthusiasm than usual! Xx